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    • Just like fine jewelry, this delicate and intricate beauty compliments a daily outfit as well as a nicer get-up.
      Black, gold and white beads.
      Five Beads thick
      Black adjustable string

    • Adjustable length
    • Beads

    • Moio was founded in order to globalize the marketplace for Zimbabwean artisans. Like many countries across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Zimbabwe's economy really hard. The loss of tourism endangered the livelihoods of many artisans and craftspeople across the country, as they were left with no customers. We decided that if the people couldn't make it to the product, we would bring the product to the people. Without taking personal profit, we design, market, and ship these beautiful bracelets. Connecting these artisans to customers all around the world creates a symbiotic relationship in which everyone can have, gift, or wear one of these bracelets and continue to support the people who make them. Everyone was impacted by the pandemic in immeasurable ways, and this was just our opportunity to ease that a little for other people. Every purchase of a bracelet does the same