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    • Add a visual element to your desk, kitchen or bedroom with our storage jars. They come with a wooden lid so they are perfect for storing things in any room. Use for pens, brushes, teas, or even plant some succulents in them.
      They come with a hand made wooden lid.

      Love Milo is a company which takes daily inspiration from their surroundings, and translates the gratitude they have for earthy elements into nature-inspired designs, with the hopes of arousing a collective consciousness of nature’s splendor and sacredness. Love Milo place huge emphasis on sustainability, taking care in the sourcing of materials. Everything from the base fabric to the printing, is done locally. For wooden products, only alien trees that are harmful to the natural environment are used.

    • Tall: Height is 6", Width is x 3"
      Small: Height is 2", Width is 3.5"

    • Porcelain which is twice fired. Made using food safe & eco friendly inks.
      Sustainable pine wood lid

    • Dishwasher and microwave safe.