Semi Precious Utulivu Beaded Bracelet

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    • Semi Precious Utulivu Beaded Bracelet
      As the Maasai say, 'daylight follows a dark night'. 

      No matter how dark the night feels, dawn will break through with another day. As the sky fills with shades of pink, one is always overwhelmed by joy, hope and positivity.
      For this new collection, we embrace the blush tones of the semi precious stones Pink Sapphire, Peach Moonstone, and Rose Quartz, set against the deep smoky Labradorite.
      May the significant energy, strength and power that these stones manifest bring you the positivity and tranquility of a new day.

    • 6.75"

    • Bracelet beaded with Pink Sapphire, Peach Moonstone, Swarovski Crystals and glass beads, finished with 14K Gold filled adjustable closure.

    • Remove your jewelry before you shower, wash your hands or apply lotion.
      Avoid wearing your jewelry in chlorinated water or at the beach.
      Avoid spraying perfume on jewelry.
      Use a soft, lint free cloth to keep your sterling silver and 14k gold filled jewelry looking shiny.
      To protect your jewelry pieces, each piece should be individually placed in a pouch or soft lined box to keep it from being scratched or tangled.
      Store your jewelry in a dry place, away from moisture.