• Our hand-spun 100 % Mohair rugs are silky to the touch with a lustrous sheen. The rugs are soft underfoot, which makes them a luxurious addition to any bedroom or lounge.

    • Custom woven to size specifications within 13 x 8 ft

    • General Care
      Remember our Mohair flat-weave rugs are fully reversible.
      For maximum benefit, turn the rug over every few months to wear both sides equally.
      Vacuum regularly with suction only, as brushes and beaters tend to roughen up the fibers.
      Should the rugs have a “fluffy appearance initially, this is known as “shedding” and is caused by the loose fibers that have worked themselves out of the weft. This is a normal occurrence in any pure mohair rug, and these fibers can be safely pulled off or cut away. Thereafter, the rug will “settle” and should no longer shed fibers.

      Stain Removal
      Muddy Marks : allow mud to dry and use a very soft bristle brush and simply brush off.
      Spot-remove stains immediately as they occur with Woolite solution with soft sponge. Place a towel under rug to absorb excess water.
      For heavy stains consult a stain removal expert.
      Never steam-clean a hand-woven mohair rug, as hot water or steam can damage the wool fibre and cause wool to shrink. Rather clean by gentle washing with a mild detergent or consult a reputable carpet cleaner.

      Full Clean of Rug
      For a professional full clean of the rug every few years, please consult a reputable carpet cleaner.

    • Please expect 8-12 weeks for delivery.