• Lalela scarves feature inspiring designs from young artists in Lalela after school programs. Proceeds from each scarf sale go towards helping young innovators find their voice and overcome the narrative of poverty through the transformative power of arts education.

    Project ZA - This curriculum was intended to break down stereotypes, to create a true visual representation of the learners own authentic experience of being South African. The students learnt how to work professionally in a team. Each group created the hat together but then had to decide on roles, i.e. photographer, make-up artist, model, and creative director. The teams also learnt how to write artists statements that put their artwork into context. They worked with professional artists, like Tony Gum, Jody Paulsen, Lisa Waken, and Juan Stockenstroom.

    Photographer: Ryan, a true Lalela leader, is passionate about advocating for Human Rights and speaking out about injustice.
    Make up artist: Mongikazi, from Masiphumalele, a township in Cape Town. Model: Azinani, a highly creative young lady, a real people person who can light up a room with her smile.
    Creative director: Amahle, who loves music and lives in Masiphumalele.
    Poet: Yolanda, born in Zimbabwe and lives in Gauteng. Her dream is to become a social worker.  

  • 39" x 78"

  • 50% Wool, 40% Silk, 10% Cashmere