Grass Round Coasters with Trim Color

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  • Round grass coaster with smoke color interior and trim border in contrasting color.

    All Gone Rural placemats are hand-woven in Swaziland and are crafted with renewable materials. The signature lutindzi grass is indigenous to Swaziland and sustainably harvested to ensure regrowth. It is then colored with eco-certified dyes and combined with other sustainable materials, including fabric waste from our local textile factories to make remarkable, high-quality products.

    Please note that that we believe that part of the beauty of handmade natural products is the slight variations in tone due to season and the hands that worked the grass, making each product unique. As the materials are all natural there will be some colour variation.

  • 4'' in diameter

  • Lutindzi grass

  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth or brush with a toothbrush.