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  • Today is your coronation. As the dust settles on the ruins of castles made of sand, trust and take your throne as you begin to create a new kingdom, of truth and wholeness.
    The collection celebrates the regenerative forces of the cycles of rebirth. Like the sesen, the lotus flower depicted in ancient Egyptian artworks, we too can emerge at daybreak wading through the mud and water to greet the sun. Silhouettes are sculptural, monolithic and timeless. The palette and materials are elemental and primordial. Each piece is talismanic, intentioned to protect the wearer and ward off negative forces during these transitional times. In Nascent, ancient wisdom greets the temporal with the sage of the eternal.

  • These earrings weigh 0.14 oz and are 1" in length.

  • Custom brass hoops embellished with pearls or stones and finished with a titanium pin.

    Malachite amplifies your healing and transformation.

    Dragon stone amplifies your physical vitality.

    A garland of amazonite soothes and nurtures, relieving stress and creating calm in times of change.