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      • 100% soya wax essential oil candle in a reusuable pot which is hand-coiled from the river clay, stone-burnished, open-fired and polished by hand.
        Made in Swaziland, Africa.
        Available in Inyanga, Lilanga and Imbali fragrances.

      • 3" W x 3" D x 2.75" H

      • Inyanga - Imphepho (helichrysum) scent.
        The Swazi people use the same word to capture the magic of the moon and the wisdom of a traditional healer.
        Light this candle to be taken on a mystical journey through Swaziland's heritage.
        Sense the sweet, smoky fires of the healer's beehive hut. The illumination of the vivid African moon.
        Indulge in the earthly scent of imphepho (helichrysum), used by the traditional healer to rejuvenate weary souls.

        Lilanga - Bergamot scent.
        In siSwati Lilanga means "today" it is also the name given to the hot African sun.
        Light this candle to experience the warmth of Swaziland and enjoy a journey into this beautiful land.
        Over the rolling mountains, crops and fruit trees fill each Swazi homestead. As the sun heats the earth, sweet scents fill the air.
        An excellent therapy during the winter months.
        Let the essence of the bergamot uplift your spirits.

        Imbali - Rose scent. 
        Imbali means "flower" in siSwati. It is also the word used to decribe a young Swazi maiden
        Once a year the "imbali" maidens gather to cut reeds. The reeds are presented to the Queen Mother as part of the annual reed dance.
        The Essence of rose, known as the Queen of flowers, helps to ooth broken hearts.
        Light this candle and feel the spirart of 40 000 Imbali, dancing in harmony to the heat-felt beat.
        Any sorrow will soon be forgotten.

        Now you know why they call Swaziland "The Magic Kingdom"