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    • Framed artwork with glass front.
      The artwork tells the story of a woman that recently graduated from university and is now facing the reality of life, getting a job, family, covid, and many other related issues. But despite all this she keeps her head up and optimistic that whatever comes her way, she's ready and unbroken.

      Dario Paulino Manjate, is a Mozambican born artist, currently living in South Africa, who began painting and drawing as early as he can remember. He relocated to Alexandra Township in South Africa during the year of 1993. It was here where Dario grew to love art and pushed himself to pursue a career as a professional artist. 

      Dario met and worked with Mr. Steve Mavusu, Mr. Mavusu was an art teacher at Thosong Youth Centre during this period. Under Mr. Mavusu’s guidance Dario developed his artistic skills in a number of different mediums from oil to watercolour and acrylic painting as well as the medium he is now know for today; collage.

      During this time, Dario participated in various community projects such as, “Work To Win,” an environmental awareness project which included several art murals created to uplift his surrounding township community. These particular pieces focused on a topic very close to the artist’s heart. They created awareness around the dangers of pollution and global warming.

      Dario enrolled at Artists Proof Studio in 1998 to further his artistic skills by studying the techniques of printmaking such as: Drypoint; Lino Cut; Silkscreen and monotype to name a few.

      Dario’s Curriculum Vitae includes many commissioned pieces by a variety of organizations and corporate companies. He continues to bring his unique approach to the formation of his collages and thus his work is sort after for its extraordinary qualities.

    • 47" x 39.4" (120 x 100cm)

    • Framed artwork with glass front.