The story behind the name, is the woman behind the business.

She’s Sarah from South Africa, and, if you put a bit of a Zsa Zsa Gabor spin on the pronunciation of SARZA then you’re probably saying it with the same wicked delight as the childhood friends who gave her the nickname.

So who is this SARZA who owns the beautiful lifestyle store in Rye, New York? She’s a wanderlusting travelista who has sailed some of the seven seas and has a secret love affair with poetry.

Following her heart

While roaming the world -France (and her love, John) stole her heart and they settled down in Antibes for several years. From there she travelled widely - sourcing luxury products for super yachts, learning to bake baguettes as an intern at a Boulangerie, rock climbingall over the worldand living it up on the French Riviera.

Years laterwhile bringing up her young children back home in the steamy tropics of Durban, South Africa, SARZA brought her fine eye to sourcing products for the Trading Store of the world-renowned luxury African eco-lodge group, Singita. This experiencetruly opened Sarah’s eyes tothe remarkable wealth of creativity in South Africa.

Sarza is Born

So, it’s no surprise that curating her own collection of lifestyle productsnaturally came next. Between family, friendships, and mountain biking of the most extreme variety.

As always, Sarah followed her heart- curiously scouting out exceptionally beautiful and authentic things. True to her nature, she found it immensely rewarding to support businesses that are small, run from home, and/or run by women. When browsing in Sarza you may find a Namji doll which is hand beaded in Cameroon, a wine or water glass hand made in Swaziland out of recycled glass or a beautiful throw or towel made on restored antique looms in a family run working weaving museum.

Showcasing not only the beauty of these items, but also the beauty of the creators story is something extremely close to Sarah’s heart. 

Moving to Rye has been a huge adventure for the Briginshaw family. SARZA is a beautifully curated space where they can share their love of exceptional South African style. It’s also the place where they’ve worked hard, met wonderful people, forged new friendships, and found a whole lot of love and joy in running the store daily. 

If you’re in the hood (or happen to make your way there) we hope that you will come say hi and experience our little South-African inspired slice of home, in the corner of Rye.



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