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Opened in April 2017, SARZA brings a fresh style and contemporary design to the city of Rye. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your space or searching for the perfect combination of cozy and chic, SARZA features exclusive, handcrafted items from upcoming international designers. Artisan jewelry from Kirsten Goss and Pichulik, scandi style furniture from Vogel and LIM, and botanical print fabrics and wallpapers from Clinton Friedman are among the vibrant mix of treasures you will find. 



Amatuli · Ashanti · Babatunde ·  Bengueala Trading ·  Clinton Friedman ·  Coco Africa ·  Gone Rural ·  Ilundi Designs ·  Indigi Designs ·  Kirsten Goss ·  Klomp  ·  Leg Studios ·  Liesel Trautman ·  LIM ·  Love Milo ·  Mungo ·  Ngwenya Glass ·  Olive ·  Pichulik ·  Skinny laMinx ·  Tay Tea ·  Vogel ·  Vorster and Braye ·  Zenzulu



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