African wire charger - grey | white | black

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  • A colorful charger, handmade by African woman.

    Decorative use of wire in South Africa dates back hundreds of years, and its modern equivalent takes the form of brightly colored plastic-coated copper, more commonly known as telephone wire.
    Prominent South African designer Marisa Fick-Jordaan started Zenzulu out of a desire to create eco-friendly, fairly traded products, while also providing mentorship to unemployed South African women. She first began working with five weavers from a squatter camp outside Durban, and today Zenzulu supports the work of 300 weavers, of whom 80 percent are women and the sole income providers for their families.

  • 14" in diameter.

  • Custom made pvc coated mild steel wire hand woven around galvanised wire core.
    Handwash in warm water with mild soap