Aventurina Earrings

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  • Aventurite is a the good luck stone. Let these Aventurina earrings make you feel like life is on your side, and that you can trust that all the good needed, all opportunities available will be presented to you at the exact perfect time.

    Celebrated for its iconic jewellery, the Pichulik Play Collection is synonymous with a distinctive, bold design aesthetic, showcasing explosive colour, striking tribal and geometric motifs and experimental textures.

  • 3.2" in length
    These earrings weigh 0.35oz each

  • Thin rope hand woven with waxed cotton and shaped with aventurine slices.
    The innovative and sculptural use of locally produced and re-purposed rope.
    Please note, the aventurine slices may differ slightly colour as each stone is unique. 

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