Gone Rural



All Gone Rural products are hand-woven in Swaziland and are crafted with renewable materials. The signature lutindzi grass is indigenous to Swaziland and sustainably harvested to ensure regrowth. It is then coloured with eco-certified dyes and combined with other sustainable materials, including fabric waste from our local textile factories to make remarkable, high-quality products.

Please note that that we believe that part of the beauty of handmade natural products is the slight variations in tone due to season and the hands that worked the grass, making each product unique. As the materials are all natural there will be some colour variation.

Small: 12'' in diameter
Medium: 15.5'' in diameter
Large: 20'' in diameter

Gone Rural is a revolutionary leader in social enterprise. Inspired by 750 women weavers, we rethink & transform craft, taking it to new heights globally. Based in the beautiful hills of Swaziland, hundreds of women can be found weaving together the strands of ancestral knowledge and current cultural influences.Re-thinking and transforming craft, the result is soulful hand-woven work that takes traditional weaves into a contemporary context.

The Bonakele Collection is part of our The Song of the Weaver Collection, inspired by Siphiwe Mngometulu from the Lavumisa region of Swaziland. Bonakele is Siphiwe’s first-born daughter. She has a good relationship with her husband and her daughter gives her joy, but there are many ups and downs in her life, as represented by the lifeline accent on these baskets.