Klomp Ceramics



  • A marbled black, white and grey stoneware snack or condiment bowl. 
    Makes a great ring bowl too.
    Clear glazed on top, unglazed underneath.

  • Approximately 4.75in diameter (1.2in depth).

  • It is possible to put these pieces, unless gold lustred, into the dishwasher, however we do recommend washing by hand. Colours of some glazes may fade with prolonged dishwasher use. Textured areas can be gently bristle brushed clean. If you prefer to hand wash, do so with warm soapy water and allow to dry thoroughly.

    Using pieces in the microwave may lead to crazing. 

    Unglazed surfaces are sealed with a food safe natural sealant and are water and stain resistant, however corrosive chemicals in electronic dishwashing detergent may corrode the sealant over time.

    Stoneware clays are fired to optimum temperatures which makes the pieces resistant and very durable.