• A pure cotton full size bed cover. This luxurious cotton blanket gives one ample comfort and room on your bed.

      The Mungo Cobble Weave was inspired by a traditional weave featured in a historic book of weaves first published in 1915. This cotton bed cover is a variation on the famous waffle weave, adapted for weaving on our looms in Plettenberg Bay by Master Weaver Stuart Holding.

      Getting the perfect temperature in bed can be a complicated process. Like Goldilocks’ porridge, you’re either too hot or too cold. Maybe you’re sharing with someone whose body runs hot – having one leg outside the duvet might cool you down (but also put you at the mercy of the night), while being uncovered is just a little on the chilly side.

      Temper the temperature problem with a cotton bed cover. The Cobble Weave Bedcover’s cellular-like structure gives it body and texture, and the pure cotton yarn ensures that it remains light and breathable. Like the perfect porridge, it’s juuust right.

    • Queen: 79" x 91" (200 x 230 cm)

    • 100% cotton

    • 100°F Machine wash
      Warm iron
      Tumble dry at low heat
      Do not bleach























Sized to fit half way under the pillow and cover the mattress.

Your Mungo cotton bed cover is designed, woven and made at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay.