Kirsten Goss


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    • Large teardrop double weave with silver extruded by hand featuring a collection of colorful semi precious stones. 
      Style 1: Chrysoprase, lapis, dyed coral jade, gold hematite, green onyx and iolite
      Style 2:  Purple amethyst, turquoise, chrysoprase, golden citrine, dyed red sea bamboo, carnelian, dyed coral jade, iolite and aquamarine.
      Style 3: Lemon and golden citrine, carnelian, chrysoprase, purple amethyst, iolite and red garnet.
      Style 4: Golden citrine, ruby, dyed pink jade, dyed coral jade and zircon
      Style 5: Dyed yellow jade, dyed coral jade, tourmaline, glass filled ruby and carnelian

    • Approx. 2.36" L x 1.38" W

    • Available in sterling silver or 18kt yellow or rose gold vermeil.

    • Sterling silver or 18kt gold vermeil: gently clean in warm soapy water on a regular basis to remove daily grime and body oils that may collect on the stones and metal. Alternatively dip jewellery occassionaly in a silver and gemstone jewellery cleaner and rinse throughly.