Fringe Board - grey | white


    • A serving board made with wood and silkstone, fused together using a groove joint.
      This is a 100% recycled product made from discarded pieces of wood.
      This product features an organically shaped handle which makes serving easy

      Available in an assortment of different woods and silkstone colors,  making these serving boards colorful and unique. Please contact us on the below link for more information of what color/wood combinations are currently in stock. 

    • 14.2" L x 5" W x 0.4" H

    • Wood and Silkstone.

    • Wood does not like being soaked in water, does not like too much moisture or heat (no hot pots) or to be washed in a dishwasher.

      Wash your products over a sink of soapy water, sponging the products till clean. Dry with clean drying towel. Place the products on a drying rack and leave to drip-dry completely before packing away.

      Wood is natural & organic. Cracks might appear, it can naturally warp, create a curve and change colour over time due to environmental factors.

      Coco Africa uses wood that has been kiln dried to 8% moisture, it is in the most stable state humanly possible when we carefully manufacture our products. We cannot predict or control the changes in the environmental conditions once our products leave our workshop although as much care as possible is taken when transporting and storing our products.

      Wood is hydroscopic, it naturally absorbs and releases moisture to balance its internal moisture content with its surrounding environment.


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