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  • These multipurpose baskets are part of the Storage & Stools collection by Dutch designer Ineke Hans.
    They can be used as washing baskets, but also as tray tables with storage for our increasing living spaces.
    Hand woven out of mulaza palm leaves in Malawi, Africa. 

  • Available in 2 sizes:
    Ineke 30: 15.75" x 11.8"
    Ineke 50: 15.75" x 19.7"


  • Mulaza palm leaves


  • "Storage & Stools" is part of the ‘Being Inspired and Inspirational” series by People of the Sun, where designers are inspired by indigenous skills in Malawi and in turn inspire local artisans to preserve, revive and challenge their crafts through design.

    Ineke’s “Storage & Stools” is a collection, where Design is no longer just a question of functionality but transcends into a tool that empowers local artisans in Malawi and keeps indigenous skills alive. Design is not meant as aid, but as a component for setting up sustainable cooperative businesses.