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Vorster & Braye



An angular earthenware vases designed by Vorster & Braye who 'set ourselves the challenge of designing an asymmetrically faceted piece that maintained a sense of balance and rhythm.'

Small height 9.3''
Medium height 11.4''
Large height 13.7''

Want to know more? 
An unlikely collaboration between a former accountant and engineer has birthed one of South Africa’s most exciting contemporary ceramic duos, Vorster & Braye. Martin Vorster and Colin Braye’s vases and tableware draw inspiration from Mid-Century ceramics and architecture, and industrial design, to produce a unique collection that finds the sweet spot between the past and the future.The pair’s creative process combines free hand drawings with 3d computer modeling, which generates distinct and playful pieces. Shapes contrast between organic and geometric, color shifts between the naturalness revealed by the clay and earthy, vibrant hues and the textures of glaze and matte frequently coexist.