• Paper laptop sleeve, made out of recycled paper which is fused to cotton for strength, padded for protection and coated to be water resistant.
    A strong and durable product, which will protect your device from knocks and bumps.
    Available in a natural brown paper finish, a screen-printed matt black with no varnish and a foiled silver made from upcycled butter paper. 

    With time, as the paper ages, the cracks become distressed and the brown paper becomes visible. The look is one we love even more. The Japanese would say it is Wabi-Sabi. It lives!

  • Sleeve size: 12.8'' in width x 8.5'' in height
    Device size: 11"  

  • Two pockets – one for the device and the other for pens, papers, cables.
    Hidden press-stud in the centre that ensures that your laptop is safely enclosed. 
    Two hidden magnets hold the flap corners down.