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    • The Wildlife Laptop Sleeve is made out of digitally printed reclaimed paper, fused for strength, padded to protect and coated to be water-resistant.

      Original ink artwork by Sharon Bonzaaier.

      Inspired by the African animals that if you are lucky, you spot on safari: The Black Rhino hiding deep in the bush. The precious and very protected little Dung Beetle rolling a ball of Elephant dung across the track (that is gold foiled on the inside of the sleeve’s flap – quietly working hard). The majestic Lion, king of the beasts. The fastest of all the land animals, the Cheetah.

      This wild composition celebrates the unique patterns and shapes of Africa’s creatures; big and small.

      IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE WWF: Until quite recently the African continent possessed not only the greatest concentration of wild animals in the world but the greatest variety too. Sadly, those almost endless herds are now a thing of the past. The World Wildlife Fund is working hard to educate, preserve and conserve the few remaining wilderness areas and their creatures. A percentage of the sale of every A BEAUTIFUL WORLD is donated to the WWF to ensure that the richness and beauty of the African wilderness will be there for future generations to observe, learn from and enjoy.

    • Small laptop sleeve: 
      OUTSIDE SIZE: 13" x 9.25" (32.5 x 23.5cm)
      FIT DIMENSIONS: 12.4" x 8.5" (31.5 x 21.5cm)
      This sleeve size is designed to fit a Macbook Air 13” (2018-current) / Macbook Pro 13” (2017-current) a/ an iPad Pro 12.9” (2015, 2017-current) and is the perfect A4 Folio size.

      Medium laptop sleeve: 
      OUTSIDE SIZE: 13.5" x 10" (34.5 x 25cm)
      FIT DIMENSIONS: 13" x 9.25" (33 x 23.5cm)
      – This sleeve size is designed to fit the Macbook Pro 14” (2020-current) / Macbook Air 13” (2012-2017) / Macbook Pro 13” (2012-2015) / Macbook Pro 13” (2010-2012) / the Microsoft Surface Book, perfectly.

      Large laptop sleeve:
      OUTSIDE SIZE: 15" x 10.5" (38.5 x 26.5cm)
      FIT DIMENSIONS: 14.75" x 10" (37.5 x 25cm)
      – This sleeve size is designed to fit the Macbook Pro 16” (2019-current) / Macbook 15” (2010-2019), perfectly.

    • How is it made? Each artwork-come-design is a labour of love that starts with Sharon spending many nights painting a myriad of little creatures and plant-life. The next step is to scan these beautiful artworks at a very high resolution so that even the most minute detail is captured. Once digitized, the placement of the visual elements is meticulously worked out according to the technical patterns of each WREN item: a laptop sleeve, an iPad cover, a notebook organizer, and or a wallet.

      The designs are then digitally printed onto Wren’s special “cement” paper that has been reclaimed from packaging print factories and handed over to Wren’s expert team of makers. The paper is hand cut, fused to cotton to add durability, stitched with great care, and sprayed with Nano Liquid Glass (an environmentally-friendly coating), to be water resistant. The last touch is the wrapping of the label and application of the unique story and WWF contribution sticker. These processes take quite a bit of time, but we think it is worth it. Sharon and Wendren are very proud of and excited about what they have achieved with every item that leaves each of their studios.

      There are two pockets – one for the device and the other for pens, papers, cables – or whatever you wish to use a second pocket for. To close, the laptop sleeve has a hidden press-stud in the center that ensures that your laptop is kept snug and safe in its sleeve. There are also two hidden magnets that hold the flap corners down to keep it looking smart. The inside is lined with soft padded cotton to give your laptop that little bit of extra protection.

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