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Paper ipad mini sleeve, made out of recycled paper which is fused to cotton for strength, padded for protection and coated to be water resistant.
A strong and durable product, which will protect your device from knocks and bumps. 
Suitable for Ipad Mini 2, Ipad Mini 4 and Kindle. 
With time, as the paper ages, the cracks become distressed and the brown paper becomes visible. The look is one we love even more. The Japanese would say it is Wabi-Sabi. It lives!

A pocket-sleeve tucked under the flap, in front of the main pocket, for cables, papers or a stylus. The sleeve closes with two magnets that won't damage your device.
Additional strap available to buy as an add on to convert it into a clutch

9" in width x 6" in height

The innovation for these lifestyle products came through the connection of experiences: driving behind a cement truck one day the founder Wendren came up with the idea to fuse paper to fabrics, in the same way ballet shoes are made strong. Most Wren products are hand made out of recycled cement bags in South Africa.