Olakira Woven Bracelet

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    • This bracelet is part of the Olakira collection
      Olakira, the Maasai word for star, pays homage to the shimmering African night sky. Dark shades of sparkling beads and Swarovski crystals are set against our classic gold-fill elements, bringing a luxurious look.
      Olakira’s glittering crystals are a poem to the stars. The Maasai believe that stars can be signs of blessings. Ingakwa, for example, is a group of 8 stars that promises rainfall.
      Inspired by the vast Tanzanian landscape, each bead is strung with the memory of evenings in the African savannah under dark skies, blazing with constellations of Olakira bringing good fortune.

    • 6.75"

    • Glass beaded bracelet decorated with 41 Swarovski crystal beads attached to a 14K Gold filled chain, finished with a 14K Gold filled adjustable closure.

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Eleonore L
Amazing staff!

Such an amazing staff and Sarah is so kind and so helpful.

Thanks Eleonore - we appreciate your kind words.