Orb metallic gold bowl

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    • Hand felted 100% Merino wool.

      Wool is a protein fibre formed in the skin of sheep, and is thus one hundred percent natural. As long as there is grass to graze on, every year sheep will produce a new a new fleece, making wool a renewable fibre source. At the end of its useful life, wool can be returned to the soil, where it decomposes, where is releases valuable nutrients into the ground. Enjoy all wool products knowing that it will take care of your health and our precious earth. Ronel Jordaan is a self-taught textile designer, using felt as a medium to create her products. She find inspiration from Mother Nature’s colours, textiles and patterns.

    • 19.7" Ø x 13.8" H / 50 x 35cm

    • All our pieces are hand made from 100% Merino wool, as wool is an organic fabric it is important to take special care for the longevity of your product.

      Dry Clean or

      1. Wash with a soapy sponge & luke warm water
      2. Rinse well with a vinegar & luke warm water solution
      3. Dry out in the sun
      4. Spray with lavender mist
      5. Please do not use hot water as wool will shrink

      If your product is able to fit in your washing machine, select the ‘wool’ cycle and wash as normal.