Mia Melange


The Mbizi collection is inspired by our love of Africa, in all her richness - her landscape, wildlife, people, cultures and languages. This is mixed (mélange is the French word for mix) with inspiration from our contemporary urban context and modern materials.

Mbizi is the Shona word for Zebra. The forms and colours of the designs are inspired by these animals, social in nature. The materials and colours are further inspired by modern man-made technologies, such as concrete structures and polypropylene. 

We have designed the products of the Mbizi collection to be more durable than the cotton range, allowing them to be suitable for use indoors and outdoors on a patio. The products are made from South African sourced multifilament polypropylene. The rope is carefully sewn together in a coiling technique

The Mbizi collection comprises of bowls and planters of various sizes, placemats and coasters, a rounded handle basket, a large rounded floor basket, and a lidded laundry basket. 

Add some greenery to your home or patio with these planters! They can even hang against the wall. The Mbizi planters are available in three different sizes.

Made from South African sourced multifilament polypropylene

Large: D 25cm x H 21cm (D 9.8in x H 8in)

Spot clean with water and mild soap or hand wash separately.