• TOM is not just a single planter, it is a truly modular system made up of a kit of components that can be configured and individualised in a number of ways.

      TOM’s core palette is based around composite concrete, creating consistency within the freedom for a wide range of expression. The approach is also deeply tied to its functionality – components are simply slotted together and held in place by their own form and gravity; no tools, only hands required. This means upgrades and maintenance are also as easy as swapping out one part for another.

      Suitable for residential and commercial use, indoors and outside, with materials and construction techniques carefully chosen to stand up to a range of environments.

      Each planter also comes fitted with an industry-standard, durable ‘Intuitive Watering System’ plant liner, allowing for simple water management.

    • 17" Ø x 19.5" H
      Total Weight: 32.5 lbs
      Liner Volume: 6.3 gal 


      Composite Concrete Colors

    • Please expect 8-12 weeks for delivery.