Turkana Camels art print


    • Turkana Camels, Great Rift Valley, Kenya

      "I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to do some some aerial photography along the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. These are wild lands, especially as one flies north into the Suguta Valley. Here the Turkana people live, and we spotted a group of domestic camels walking to the river. It was early morning and their fascinating shadows stood out on the white sands."

      This paper print is part of a limited edition collection of 125 signed prints.
      Each print is individually titled, signed and numbered on the front.

    • Standard: 38" x 27" / 96 x 68 cm, including 2.4" white border (6cm)
      Large: 64" x 44" / 162 x 112cm, including 2.4" white border (6cm)

    • Printed on acid free, Innova FibaPrint paper, a 100% cotton paper, using archival inks.

    • Please expect 2-3 weeks for delivery.