Twist Chandelier

    • For the lovers of traditional chandeliers who want a unique, clay beaded ‘twist’. 

      The Twist is a best sellers - A perfectly proportioned classic chandelier with a french accent, designed for the romantics among us. To create the magic, we have added double side swags and detachable ceramic ‘crystals’. Plus, a belly band and top band that can either be a ‘solid’ colour (i.e. like the rest of your light) or another colour for an eye catching contrast.

      ‘S Hooks’ can be provided upon request to suspend your chandelier for those who can’t get enough of the twisty metal detail.
      Classic, traditional design with the added detail of swags, ‘crystals’ and a top/belly band.
      Choose between a ‘solid’ colour or or ‘contrasting’ top/belly band.
      Handmade in South Africa by a beautiful community in Kwazulu-Natal.

      This is a custom piece of furniture, made to order, to your exact specification. Once we have received your online order we will be in touch to confirm the finish/color/material specifications, before placing the final order with our supplier. If unsure, please select your preference(s) at this stage and we will consult with you to finalize your options.

    • Available in the following sizes:

      Small: Approx. 23.5" W x 27.5" H (600 x 700mm)
      Weighs 13 lb

      Medium: Approx. 27.5" W x 33.5" H (700 x 850mm)
      Weighs 33 lb

      Large: Approx. 35.5" W x 39" H (900 x 1000mm)
      Weighs 66 lb

      X Large: Approx. 43" W x 45.5" H (1100 x 1160mm)
      Weighs 99 lb 

    • Choose between solid color or ombre (in either our signature colours, or create your own)
      There will be an additional charge for the custom made colors and ombre bead option.


    • Please expect 8-12 weeks for delivery. 


View the  Instruction and Care Booklet.