• The idea behind the One Tribe is that the design lends itself to being chameleon-like, everytime you change the weave of the shelf at the bottom, this coffee table becomes something completely different. Adaptable, it can be a serious and calm piece with a weave in muted tones, or it could be expressive & fun, with a weave of bold colours.
      With a large number of weaves available, and a further selection of materials, colours & palettes, this piece fits our template of providing the structure for the client to come along and make it personal. It's about interaction with the piece, giving it your own signature & making it unique to you.  

      Vogel catalogue  


    • 18 (L) x 16 (W) x 13 (HT) inches

    • The We Are One Table is available in a selection of timbers. 




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Furniture by Vogel Designs are available in various timbers and  a variety of cord and weave combinations.

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