Zebra, Kruger Park art print


    • Zebras, Kruger Park, South Africa

      "Much of northern Kruger National Park is a vast forest of Mopani trees. At the end of the dry season the leaves turn a beautiful red and orange before they fall off and are replaced with new green foliage. I encountered this group of zebra standing in the shade, swishing their tails to chase off flies. I took the photo through the golden Mopani leaves to create this impression."

      This paper print is part of a limited edition collection of 125 signed prints.
      Each print is individually titled, signed and numbered on the front.

    • Standard: 38" x 27" / 96 x 68 cm, including 2.4" white border (6cm)
      Large: 64" x 44" / 162 x 112cm, including 2.4" white border (6cm)

    • Printed on acid free, Innova FibaPrint paper, a 100% cotton paper, using archival inks.

    • Please expect 2-3 weeks for delivery.