Ark: When fine craftsmanship brings great people, and great food, together

April 27, 2019 3 min read

Ark: When fine craftsmanship brings great people, and great food, together
When fine craftsmanship brings great people, and great food, together

The ethos at ARK is that true craftsmanship is passed on from generation to generation. The family business, founded by South African father & daughter team Imari and Pieter, makes all-natural wooden serving boards and utensils. The design aesthetic is a less-is-more, minimalistic approach to emphasize nature’s perfection.




Beauty in nature, community & craftmanship

At the heart of ARK is the desire to create beautiful homewares, preserve craftsmanship and build relationships. Each piece is lovingly handmade, carefully treated with natural oil and a lot of patience. The business treats its small team of craftsmen, metalworkers and woodworkers the same way – with love, care and a desire to bring out their natural talents.  By upskilling the team and creating job opportunities in underdeveloped communities, ARK aims to provide a platform for both craft and economic growth.




Quality made to last


Key to ARK’s philosophy is sustainability and the use of reclaimed wood, handpicked from the floors of century old barns and buildings in South Africa. Made from solid oak, kiaat and Oregon pine, each piece reflects the natural beauty and distinct character of the grain - like fingerprints, no two pieces are exactly alike. And ARK products are made to last – in fact the wood gets better over the years, growing into its full character as it gets older.




Timeless & versatile, from dinner to coffee table


Wooden kitchenware is timeless and versatile. You’ll be amazed at the uses you can find for these pieces and the way they can switch effortlessly from the dinner table to the coffee table - serving a fancy spread of hors d’oeuvres or just a quick snack. They are sturdy enough for everyday use, yet can make a casual soup or homemade cookies like they’ve come straight out of a gourmet restaurant.




Great food, presented beautifully, brings people together


What’s better than bringing family and friends together for good food, beautifully presented? With ARK products in your kitchen, entertaining just got easier.Serving boards come in all shapes and sizes. Choose from round, rectangular, paddle or slim, depending on whether you arepresenting tapas dishes, spreading out a feast of cheeses and charcuterie or showcasing your favorite dessert. And of course every good dish needs a dash of salt and pepper - even something simple like this is elevated by ARK.




Why we love Ark: Heirloom pieces with beauty & practicality

I handpicked ARK for Sarza customers because the products combine beauty, versatility and practicality. It’s an effortless way to add character and a story to your kitchen table. I love the fact that the wood gets better with age and the high quality of craftsmanship will stand the test of time. I like to think of these as heirloom pieces which your kids will entertain on for years to come.







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