Cape Town contemporary artist Caro Allum has specialised in abstract works for the past 17 years. Her powerful works are characterised by exceptional skill in her mastery of the alchemy of paint and various other materials. As she harnesses and often unleashes forces of nature, Caro uses gravity, chemical reaction and evaporation as allies. When handling the syrupy paints she spills, heaves, rubs, sands back, dilutes and drips. Layer upon layer of shear and translucent earthy glazes create an ambiguity of depth and floating form, which tilt at the unpredictable and surprising beauty of nature. She explores and reveals the weathering effects of exposure and time. Her work vibrates with constant change of the cyclical processes of Life: creation, growth, weathering, erosion, repair, decay and rebirth. A grounding in Expressionism is charged with energy, emotion and life experiences.