Kayla Öztemir, hailing from the beautiful island of Cyprus, is a powerhouse of creative energy. Her artistic journey, marked by a diverse exploration of mediums – from digital creation and painting to animation and cyanotype, shapes the unique essence of Chroma Atelier’s wallpapers. Kayla’s designs mirror her broad spectrum of skills and the depth of her imagination, rendering each pattern a visual symphony of her vision.

Contrastingly, Elliot McDonald, from the vibrant landscapes of South Africa, introduces a unique dynamic to the Atelier. His fascination with the interface of traditional art and innovative technology gives him a distinct artistic edge. Elliot’s creations, meticulously crafted and rich in detail, add a compelling layer of complexity to Chroma Atelier’s collections.

Both Kayla and Elliot carry their Fine Arts education from the Netherlands into their designs, offering a refined and sophisticated aesthetic that appeals to the contemporary taste. Each design’s journey begins as an intricate sketch and gradually transforms into a digitally enhanced piece, capturing the best of both traditional and modern techniques.

At Chroma Atelier, we create more than just wallpapers. Our designs tell stories, evoke emotions, and serve as gateways to a world where art and space interact harmoniously. Each piece is an invitation to embrace beauty, stir curiosity, and create inspiring environments. It is this belief that places Chroma Atelier at the forefront of transformative design.”