“Esté MacLeod is a UK-based contemporary artist known for her vibrant and colourful art characterised by use of stylised forms and painted layers. She initially studied textile design followed later by a BA (Hons) Ceramics & Glass and an MA in Jewellery Design.

As a fine artist, Esté works primarily as a colourist painter applying her unique sense of colour and design to the canvas. Her background in textiles and ceramics is noticeable in the stylised, abundant and colourful forms used in her trademark bird, floral and simplified plant forms. Although shapes are distorted and altered, there is a strong sense of the familiar. She works intuitively, letting her paintings develop over time and her work often features layered, abstract shapes and lines that create a sense of depth and movement.

All of Este's creations start off as paintings on canvas and her work lends itself to be used for surface pattern design. Esté’s work is is used for all kinds of design collaborations including wallpaper, textiles, homeware and stationery.”