Patricia was born in Brazil and raised in South Africa, and now practices her love for design in Sydney. She is a woman of the world, with a global perspective that allows her to draw inspiration from her surroundings.

Patricia started her design path as a graphic designer and art director in the marketing industry, where she excelled for 20 years. After this period, she decided to set her sights on a new journey – surface design – which quickly became a deep passion!

Her signature style encompasses beautiful hand illustration and elements she has incorporated from the nature and her environment. Patricia focuses on capturing minute details, the movement and the shape of her subject and her designs have a dreamy, decorative quality.

We can only assume that some of Patricia’s love for nature came from her early years in sunny South Africa. She is always seeking new influences for her work and this quote can best describe her process for drawing inspiration for designs that will intrigue her audience:

“I love to travel, and often when I’m out walking I’ll spot a flower, tree, or leaves that I photograph and then research, which eventually becomes a design in a collection,” she says. “Because I draw aspects from nature, my inspiration is never-ending.”