British born artist Richard Scott needs little introduction. Given his growing popularity on the South African and international art market over the past decade, he has become a household name in the very best sense.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Richards work is colorful and figurative mostly portraying female semi-nudes in a variety of playful stances, apart from his other firm favorites such as trees and animals. These images are applied in thick, monochrome colour on large surfaces, couched in prominent black outlines. The works exude a quality which is rather difficult to pinpoint: they contain elements of the cartoon, while also incorporating features of naïve art.

Scott goes his own, honest way, doing what he finds stimulating – discovering the bonus of an appreciative public. He feels that his idiosyncratic style relates to the present image and media culture, thereby making a meaningful contribution to the art discourse of the day.

Scott reiterates, however, that the end product is not premeditated or intellectual. Having made his mark on the local and international art scene, he now experiences a greater sense of freedom and confidence that allows him to explore alternative ways of engaging with his medium.

Here we have a self-trained artist with a mission, whose paintings never fail to stop viewers in their tracks. Visitors from Belgium, Germany, Italy and further afield are proud to include Richard Scott in their collections, which explains the keen following via the internet. It seems that for Scott, the stars are predicting a splendid ride to the top.