Tharien studied a diploma in Textile Design at the Tshwane university in Pretoria, and courses in Photography & Fine Art, as well as a Certificate in Interior Design.
During her career, Tharien has designed a wide range of products for different applications – such as furnishing, garments for the fashion industry, as well as ceramics and abstract illustrations.

She enjoys carrying techniques such as chiascuro, or using the contrast between light and dark effectively, as well as the finobacci sequence, which essentially sets the balance of elements within piece that’s more appealing to the eye.

Her style is almost elclectic in the sense where Tharien has create such a wide range of designs, from abstract painted works to fine illustrations, that her abilities are carried through a variety of mediums and themes. She is also an avid nature lover and created this series of stunning protea inspired wallpapers for us.

The balance of the floral composition, alongside her effective use of colour and contrast, makes these designs a great addition to any living space.

Have a look at Tharien Smith’s work below, and order a custom quote from Robin Sprong Wallpaper to get start with styling your space.