Adelphi wallpaper

This wallpaper starts from $10 per square foot.
Samples (8.5" x 11") at $5.00 each.

Artist collection: Oliver Barnett

Product Code: OBA 20203

    • Our wallpaper is custom made to your specifications. Instead of online purchase, we offer a personalized service and liaise directly with you to ensure your order exactly meets your requirements. Please contact us for further enquiries. 

      Samples are available to help you make decisions and represent the final print however they may not contain all aspects of a design or may contain text or scaled images.

    • Having dedicated much of the last 5 years to walking and observing in and around Table Mountain National park, my artwork emerged from consistent enquiry into the evolution of human consciousness and its relationship to the natural world. The resulting body of work intends to provide tools to connect to a collective perception of nature and find new ways to enjoy and share the natural habitats that sustain us.

      As the eye and the technique integrate further, separate strands of interest have become apparent. I started with landscape portals, hewn from notably vibrant natural settings. These intend to be symbolic sanctuaries that yield a sense of stillness and balance that the viewer can drift into and if necessary, shelter from the distortions of modern life.

      With the design based work, which mostly emerged from the same enchanted backdrop, the role of the artist is more apparent, seeking to imbue everyday design mediums with a natural essence. With this work the challenge is to create impact with a minimal approach, as opposed to the landscapes, which attempt to create a focal point within large amounts of detail.

      Gradually I am learning learnt that if you look at a plant, tree or rock closely enough, peel back its physical layers, study it without intellectualising, we begin to connect to its essence and enter a collective level of awareness. It’s a ritualistic process that sits at the core of my art. You can find more of his work here.

    • The wallpaper substrates we use come in a range of finishes suitable for different environments. Each is fire retardant in accordance with EN13501-1:2007. We can also laminate wallpapers to make them ideal for humid spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.Our paper finish wallpaper is PVC free and 100% recyclable. Printed with non-toxic latex inks and matt UV varnish, providing our clients with an eco-friendly, quality product.Robin Sprong’s customisable prints are endorsed with both Green Guard Gold®️ & UL ECOLOGO.

      For information about the various substrates we use - please check our Wallpaper FAQs

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