Facet Vase Matt Black

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    • An angular earthenware vase designed by Vorster & Braye who 'set ourselves the challenge of designing an asymmetrically faceted piece that maintained a sense of balance and rhythm'.
      Ceramics which are created to be both functional and beautiful in their simplicity.
      Each piece is meticulously crafted through a wide range of techniques, including hand- throwing, slip-casting and jiggering.
      Made from a variety of clays and glazes, this range retains the authenticity of handmade objects, while keeping a consistently clean, precise form.
      These ceramics are restrained, elegant, and made to outlast fleeting trends.

    • Small height 9.3''
      Medium height 11.4''
      Large height 13.7''

    • Hand wash with care.
      Not dishwasher safe.