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Meyer Von Wielligh


Inspired by the cracked mud plates found on the dry riverbed of Sossusvleiin Namibia, Abrie’s homeland. The metal or timber surround of the cabinet is cleverly extended into a silhouette of the branches of a tree that is also recessed handle grips for the doors. Inside the custom-made cabinet is fitted with push-pull drawers and trays that slide out as you need them. 50’s style legs and an angular design gives this an earthy yet contemporary sensibility.

The Mud range is inspired by the irregular pattern of dry, cracked earth found on the dry riverbeds of Sossusvlei in Namibia, Abrie’s homeland. Every piece has a contrasting interplay between metal or timber creates a silhouette of the branches of a tree to give an earthy yet contemporary sensibility.

Oak with metal surround

86.6" H x 43.3" W x 23.6" D

Available with timber surround

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Furniture by Meyer Von Wielligh is available in various timbers and finishes.

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