Namji Doll - small 12"-15.4" (30-39cm)

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  • Namji dolls are fertility dolls which have various purposes and multiple meanings. They are used for play and magic. They are used as toys with special significance, as charms to enhance women's childbearing ability, as sympathetic medicine to aid barren women and in sex education. Namji dolls are also carried as good luck during a hunt.

    The concept of fertility is highly valued in African societies as being the essence of life. It is deeply rooted in customs and behaviour, thus appearing in their art. Sculptors freely interpret the characteristics of the dolls. Namji dolls are considered among the finest and most beautiful dolls of Africa.

    Made in Cameroon, Africa.

    Please contact us on the link below for what color options we currently have available.

  • 12" - 15.4" / 30 - 39cm

  • Made from cola wood, plastic beads and cowrie shells.


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deb konner
Loved it!

It character to her room instead of just
Accessories the designer purchased!

The Namjis are stunning!