Outdoor Pumzika Sofa


    • Pumzika meaning 'to rest or retire' in Swahili is a name given to the seriously deep seat with a puffy backrest cushion along with scatters and a bolster that has a book pocket.

      Made for outdoor living with 304 stainless steel framework & woven mesh, high-performance outdoor fabrics that are extremely weather-resistant and highly durable. The steel is available in 3 colours and upholstered in specified outdoor Sunbrella fabrics in 4 colourways.

      The lifespan of your furniture will vary in relation to the conditions and use. To extend the longevity of your pieces, we suggest that you store it in a dry, well-ventilated place during winter or rainy seasons. We also recommend that any stains are as quickly as possible, as these can lead to the permanent damage or staining of your furniture.

      Upholstered in Sunbrella fabric, a high performance fabric specifically developed for outdoor use. The fabric is mass-coloured, UV-resistant and does not fade under the influence of light or sunshine. Sunbrella® is water-repellent and resistant to water from swimming pools and seawater.

      The Outdoor Pumzika Sofa is available in four color combinations.

    • 77" L x 40.75" W x 31.5" H / 1950 x 1035 x 800mm
      seat height: 17.7" / 450mm

    • Available in the following combinations:

      Upholstery - Natte Flamingo
      Throw Pillow - Scaraborough Tangerine
      Bolster - Savane Dawn
      Powdercoat - Coral Ferrograin - outdoor

      Upholstery - Natte Pistacchio
      Throw Pillow - Mezzo Opal
      Bolster - Savane Spring
      Powdercoat - Olive Ferrograin - outdoor

      Upholstery - Natte Linen Chalk
      Throw Pillow - Glencarin Taupe
      Bolster - Savane Grey
      Powdercoat - Olive Ferrograin - outdoor

      Upholstery - Natte Carbon Sky
      Throw Pillow - Scaraborough Navy
      Bolster - Mezzo Feather
      Powdercoat - Indigo Ferrograin - outdoor



    • Please expect approximately 8-12 weeks for delivery.




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