Recliner Hanging Chair

  • The Recliner hanging swing chair is sculptural and dynamic. Fluid and organic, they lend themselves for use as functional art pieces. The chair shape is inspired by the Cape Cobra and the pattern detail is reminiscent of the veins in leaves, tree branches intersecting, the patterns in dragonfly wings, cracked soil and natural textures. The chair ensures an extremely comfortable lounging experience & has a cozy cocoon-like feel that embraces your body and soul.

    The recliner has two versions with legs available for the more grounded person. Each one is made by hand, and the core frame is standard to ensure consistency in shape and comfort. Due to the variance of craftsmanship going into each chair, every piece has individualism and uniqueness in some of the pattern detailing. They are ideal for inside or outside use and look gorgeous on a deck, patio, hanging from a branch of a tree or anywhere indoors.

    For extra comfort, a variety of custom-made pillows are available to order, at an additional cost.

    This is a custom piece of furniture, made to order, to your exact specification. Once we have received your online order we will be in touch to confirm the finish/color/material specifications, before placing the final order with our supplier.

    If unsure, please select your preference(s) at this stage and we will consult with you to finalize your options.

    Please contact us on the link below for more information.
  • 76.7" L x 28.3" W x 50.4" D / 1950 x 720 x 1280mm
    26.45 lb. in weight. 

  • Mild Steel or Stainless Steel.
    Durable and long lasting.
    Rust protection treatment on Mild Steel (similar to what is done on chassis of a car)
    Powder Coated to international standards 
    Non flammable  

    We are able to manufacture your chair from stainless steel which is recommended for high moisture, salty and sea conditions. This is at an additional charge.

    Pillow Design Options  

    Pillow Fabric Options  

    Powder Coating Colors


  • Please expect 8 -12 weeks for delivery when out of stock.