Semi Precious Utulivu 5 Drop necklace

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    • A single string of beads with Pink Sapphire details. This piece sits on the collarbone to create a refined look. Wear it alone (everyday!) for timeless appeal, or stack it with our Semi Precious Utulivu Classic Necklace and your go-to gold chains. These semi-precious gem stones bring calming, positive energy to uplift the wearer.

      Read more about these particular semi precious stones under 'Materials'.

    • Length: 15”

    • Beaded necklace featuring Pink Sapphires, 14K gold-filled beads, and high-quality glass beads.
      14K gold-filled extendable closure, finished with a single Pink Sapphire.

      Pink Sapphires
      Known for its stabilizing effect on emotions, Pink Sapphire is the stone for purity and trust. Balancing the heart and enhancing vulnerability, it can inspire compassion towards the self and others. In early times, it was used as a talisman by travelers and treasure hunters to protect them against negative energy. A subtle, elegant shade of blush, the rare and durable Pink Sapphire gemstone has been worn by royalty for generations. The Queen wears a Pink Sapphire brooch to this day.

    • Remove your jewelry before you shower, wash your hands or apply lotion.
      Avoid wearing your jewelry in chlorinated water or at the beach.
      Avoid spraying perfume on jewelry.
      Use a soft, lint free cloth to keep your sterling silver and 14k gold filled jewelry looking shiny.
      To protect your jewelry pieces, each piece should be individually placed in a pouch or soft lined box to keep it from being scratched or tangled.
      Store your jewelry in a dry place, away from moisture.