Tendu Pendant Light


    • A plywood, pendant light fitting.
      Similar to form and shape, posture can communicate feeling and emotion. This shape light has been named Tendu after the ballet position. Tendu, meaning extended, or literally ‘stretched’, is the gradual extension of the leg outwards until only the toes touch the floor.
      Each piece of the light is designed to clip together using only opposing forces of tension and compression, with no fasteners or glue required.
      Available in natural, solid black or white or painted black or white side edge.
      This light looks great when partnered with Lotus and Sieza. 

    • Available in 2 sizes: 600 and 900
      600mm: 13.6''in diamater x 23.6'' H
      900mm: 18.5'' in diameter x 35.4'' H

    • This product is only to be installed by a certified electrican.
      This product does not come with any electrical fittings or ceiling cups.
      Fitted lamp to be minimum 0.6mm from timber. To be used with an LED or CFL lamp.

    • Please expect 8-12 weeks for delivery.