Guideline Design



    • The Tulip Dining chair represents elegance, strength and practicality all rolled into one. It is light weight and can be stacked (up to 4 chairs)

      Tulip's main purpose is to serve as a dining chair but can be used as a desk or conference chair as well. The shaping of the back rest provides comfort over a few hours since seating position can be changed to facing sideways and still having a back support.

      The Inspiration:
      The pursuit of clean lines and optimised ergonomics lies behind the design of the Tulip. Inspired by the blossom of the tulip flower, the backrest curves gently around the sitter providing maximum support and comfort. The curve of the backrest is complemented by the gentle slope of the legs which give the Tulip an elegant profile evocative of a dancer stretching at the barre.

      With the Tulip, Guideline Design tried to create a chair that someone will purchase from an antique store in a century from now. A timeless classic piece that has the durability to last long enough and will still have the appeal inspired by design icons of the 20th century.

    • 20.5" W x 22.4" D x 30.9" H  (18" seat height)
      520 x 570 x 785mm (seat height 460mm)
      4 chairs stackable.
      250 oz (7kg's)

    • Available in Ash, Oak or Walnut
      Upholstered in either leather or fabric. 

      Featured here in rich and warm American Walnut is used for the frame and the front legs have a double tenon joint in order to provide extra strength. This combined with the hard wearing leather upholstery make the chair perfect for high traffic areas. All parts are manufactured using CNC machines for detailed shaping and maximum accuracy.

    • Please expect approximately 8-12 weeks for delivery.