Vadoek Dishcloth - Chicory

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    • A contemporary take on the traditional dishcloth, the Vadoek is a versatile and vibrant addition to our kitchen linen range.

      The vibrant Vadoek cloth brings a splash of colour and a sense of playfulness to our kitchen linen range.

      “You can never have enough,” said our textile designer Lenore Schroeder’s mom, referring to the stacks of uninspiring dishcloths she regularly gifted her daughter after she left the family home. Lenore thought differently, vowing to dedicate her entire career to the creation of a cloth that she would proudly hang in her kitchen rather than keep stuffing in the back of her drawer. Well, not really. But she did have a lot of fun reimagining this kitchen staple for us.

      Wanting to add some texture to complement the traditional check design, Lenore turned to Master Weaver Stuart Holding’s ancient pattern books and found the mock Leno weave, from the same family as the Mungo Huck. The 3D effect created by the Leno’s interlacing of the warp and the weft allows for greater absorbency in the bulkier parts of the Vadoek, with the strips of plain weave in between helping it to dry quickly. Perfect.

      Lenore then stood at the Dornier loom and let inspiration hit.The designs are planned way ahead of time, but “sometimes when you get to the loom you just have this inner voice saying add some yellow, or green,” she explains. Exercising as much restraint as she could as a lover of colour, she still managed to pull a total of 15 different hues into the range of 9 Vadoeks. We’re not complaining – these cloths could make even doing the dishes feel like a party.

      Purchasing a Vadoek contributes towards our CSR, MOVE, which aims to uplift the Plettenberg Bay community in which our production process is based.

    • 22" x 32" (56 x 81cm)

    • 100% Cotton

    • Cold machine wash
      Warm iron
      Tumble dry at low heat
      Do not bleach