Vulindlela glassware range


    • The Vulindlela Glassware Range has a beautifully simplistic and contemporary shape and is handmade and mouth blown.

      Ngwenya prides itself on protecting the environment and operating ethically and sustainably. Ngwenya products are handmade from 100% recycled glass and the company has received an A Grade from the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, which measures the impact companies are having on the world with regards to waste. The company is also proud to be part of B Corp, an organization whose members are businesses that keep Purpose and Profit in balance.

      In addition to these credentials, Ngwenya Glass has launched a wildlife conservation fund in Swaziland, known as the Ngwenya Rhino & Elephant Fund. Proceeds go directly to Mkhaya Game Reserve, a refuge for endangered species in the Swaziland/Eswatini lowveld. Ngwenya is proof that business success and conservation can go hand in hand.

    • VU1 - Sauvignon Blanc - 12 fl. oz (8.5" H)
      VU2 - Chardonnay - 13.5 fl. oz (9" H)
      VU2-T - Wine Tumbler - 13.5 fl. oz (4" H)
      VU3 - Pinotage/Shiraz - 20.3 fl. oz (9" H)
      VU3-T - Cognac Tumbler - 20.3 fl. oz (3.75" H)
      VU3-T-WT - Cognac Tumbler Indented 19.5 fl. oz (3.5" H)
      VU4 - Cabernet Sauvignon - 22 fl. oz (9.5" H)
      VU5 - Sherry/Port - 6.75 fl. oz (7" H)
      VU6 - Champagne - 8.5 fl. oz (9.5"H)
      VU7 - Beer - 25 fl. oz (7.5" H)
      VU-WT - Dimple Tumbler 20 fl.oz (4" H)

    • 100% recycled glass