Woolen Rug - Black & Cream With Black Shadow Line


    • These hand-woven rugs are hard-wearing, resilient and luxurious. They are made using only the highest quality materials - pure new wool, pure cotton and color-fast dyes. Our collection is available in several elegant and classic tones. 

      Each rug is one of a kind, made by hand and created bespoke to fit your size and design specification.

      Internationally recognized for their superior quality, these rugs grace palaces in Teheran, castles and aristocratic homes around Europe, private homes in USA, Bahamas, Brunei, Singapore, and the leading Game lodges of Africa

      Made by a family-owned business based in South Africa, these rugs support local Zulu communities by providing work and education.

      Rug sample image shown here is the Tugela DT weave.

    • The Tugela is our lighter-weight rug (weighing approximately 5.5 – 6 lbs per square meter). It is made from a combination of thicker and thinner yarn, giving more potential for color effects and combinations. This rug has a more regular ‘knobble’ pattern.

      The Super Karoo is a heavier-weight rug (weighing approximately 6.8 lbs per square meter). It is woven in thick yarn only and has a more irregular “knobble” pattern. 

      The Tsumeb is extra thick and luxurious being a double-twist Karoo yarn weave (weighing between 8 - 8.8 lbs per square meter) and is our heaviest texture. Made of felted wool, it has an attractively undulating, wavy texture. Like all other weaves it is available in all our colours, or in a combination of two colors and is reversible and washable.

    • The rugs are reversible. For maximum benefit, turn the rug over every few months to wear both sides equally.
      Vacuum regularly with suction only, as brushes and beaters tend to roughen up the wool fibers.
      Some initial shedding is a normal occurrence in any pure wool rug.  These loose fibers can be safely pulled off or cut away. Thereafter, the rug will “settle” and should no longer shed fibers.
      Spot-remove stains immediately as they occur.
      Never steam-clean a hand-woven wool rug, as hot water or steam can damage the wool fiber and cause wool to shrink. Rather clean by gentle washing with a mild detergent or consult a reputable carpet cleaner.
      Washing can be done at home  - small rugs in the washing machine on the wool cycle,  larger rugs in a bath tub or spread out on a patio, lawn or drive-way, sprinkled with mild detergent and sprayed with the hose pipe. Care must be taken to rinse out all traces of detergent, as soap residue can harm and dis-color natural fibers. Try and choose a dry, sunny and windy day

    • Please expect 8-12 weeks for delivery.