EVOLUTION PRODUCT: Celebrating botanical & historical narratives of South Africa

March 12, 2019 2 min read

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Amanda du Plessis of Evolution Product proudly goes against the tide of soulless, factory-made products. Her homeware and décor items, including pillows and linens, are steeped in a sense of history and heritage - with the aim of celebrating the past and cultivating beautiful products that will become conversation pieces in your home.



Design inspired by nostalgic narratives from the 1600s.

Born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, Amanda created her first homeware collection after researching the first Huguenots and travelers that arrived in South Africa in the 1600s. She became fascinated by the stories of the people who fell in love with the landscape and the magic they experienced there. They came not to conquer but to meticulously record the plants, trees and animals they encountered. It was the passion of these early explorers that sparked Amanda’s interest in nostalgic narratives and inspired her to create.



Combining botanical history and ecology to honor
the protectors of our planet

In her most recent collection, Amanda combined her passion for botanical history with ecology. After watching Blue Planet 2, and learning about the impact of plastic in our oceans she knew she wanted to create a range that honored sea algae – the species that works day and night to create 70% of the oxygen for our blue planet – and the people, such as Sir David Attenborough, who work tirelessly to draw attention to the plight of our oceans.  

 Inspiration came from a rare book of historic pressed sea algae by William Tyson, dating back to 1908 – generously shared with her by The South African Biodiversity Institute (SANBI).


Astounded at the beauty of these sea warriors, Amanda and her team translated their beauty into a new collection of pillows and cushions, Protectors of our Planet - available now at Sarza: